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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:10 pm    Post subject: rapists Reply with quote

[quote="Erik Fogg"]Last night, early in the morning (between about 5 and 7), a tall man entered the rooms of at least two students while they were sleeping. By his behavior, it's clear that he was intending to sexually assault the students--everyone (that I know about) is alright, and the perp was scared off.

The perp was likely a guest at one of the parties. It's unclear as to whether or not he'll be back.

On this, I have some advice. This isn't official authority or police advice in any way, but it's common sense stuff I've picked up.

1) For the love of Christ, be careful about who you invite to parties. Don't invite sketchy fuckers you don't know. They will actually hurt your housemates.
2) If you see people wandering around in a sketchy way, /ask them whose guest they are. /Nobody is allowed in the Haus but residents and their guests. If they don't know anyone, they don't belong, and if you have serious suspicions, they can be held for trespassing.
3) If you see someone trying people's doorknobs, it doesn't matter whether or not they are a guest--rip their balls off and then get the police to come clean it up.
4) Lock your doors at night.
5) If you got a strange visit at night, contact the police. If you're not comfortable, contact me, and I'll pass information along anonymously. This fucker needs to be caught.

Description: 5'7"-5'9", fair skin, brown hair, brown eyes, white oxford with satin vertical stripes, dark jeans, strong cologne. Probably 18-20 yrs old.

If you saw someone with the following description, contact the MIT police or me, or the GRTs, or the housemasters, or the RLA, or Student Support Services, or /someone. /Don't keep quiet about this.


Desk seems to let anyone without discrimination. Though, based on how
they are physically placed, it is kinda hard for them to be great
gatekeepers. Still...
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